Lose the Weight Without Losing Your Shit

ATTN: Mamas

Are you in a perpetual cycle of trying to lose the same 10, 20, 30 (or more) pounds over and over again by plopping a ‘diet’ down in the middle of your crazy, stressed-out life every time a vaca/wedding/whatever rolls around?

That doesn't work. Have you noticed??

Well of course it doesn't. You live in a world full of chicken nuggets and fruit snacks, where you're lucky to get to eat anything half the time.

And so you stay 'stuck' in your current state feeling pretty crappy about yourself on the daily. You feel like you just can't lose weight, you have no energy, you feel depressed, you hate your body....

BLEH. It sucks there, amiright?

But there is another place to live in, ya know. And it's almost as cool as Disneyland. 

It's a place of healthy, happy, self-confidence where you feel your best every day.

And you can TOTALLY move there.

I know what you're thinking though....

'Yeah, right lady. I've tried everything. And none of it works for someone like me. I've got kids, a full time job, and more responsibilities than God. Plus sports, dance, scouts.....

This 'diet' shit just isn't realistic for me.'

Well maybe that's just because you haven't done it the right way yet.

Like I said, you can't just insert the diet du jour into your life and expect it to work.

You need to lay some groundwork first.
You need something that will be realistic for you long term.
And you need tools.

What you need is this program, because I created it just for YOU....

I was never going to create a weight-loss program.


Because even though I have had my own struggles with weight in the past and knew I could help other women, I worried that the perception would be that they needed to change their weight in order to be acceptable/beautiful/whatever, and I believe that to be the absolute furthest thing from the truth. 

But then I started thinking about it. 

The fact remains that even though loving ourselves exactly the way that we are is always the ultimate goal, most of us can’t quite get there. And when we are unhappy in our bodies, and our self-esteem is suffering, that then affects how we show up in our life, in our relationships, and ultimately for ourselves.

It sucks, but it's true.

In addition, a lot of moms fall into unhealthy habits that are affecting more than just their bodies. They’re affecting their energy, their mood, their health, and their peace. They drag through their days feeling tapped out 90% of the time, and that’s no way to live, sister.

So I thought ‘What if I could create a program that would teach women how to love themselves THROUGH the change, and not just when they’ve arrived at their destination? Wouldn’t that make them meet with greater success??’

It sure freakin' does!

Loving yourself the way you are and getting healthier do not have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, they go beautifully hand in hand when you learn to love yourself THROUGH it.

So grab my hand, gfriend and let’s get you to that place you deserve to live in every day. A place of health, happiness, peace, and self-love.

Because it’s so damn beautiful there. <3

But first...let's address the proverbial elephant in the room, shall we?

"My life is too chaotic already! Like I have time to take this on. *eye roll*"

Look, I have been ALL the moms (see bio at the bottom) and I know how hard it is. So I built this program for YOU.

The lessons are quick, the meals are super fast, and there's no lengthy meal prep, counting calories, or any of that other time-consuming crap that you really don't have time for.

Oh, and these won't be meals that your husband will scoff at and your kids will 'Ewww' at.

Like I said I built this for you, the overwhelmed mama, so it had to be family friendly too. 

Still hedging??

Think about this...

If not now, then when? What is the alternative? 

To keep telling yourself you can't do it and stay in this exhausted, low self esteem, burnt out, unhappy existence indefinitely??


That's not who you are, and that's not what you want.

YOU CAN DO THIS. It's not as hard as you've been taught! 

And you will be SO happy you did because...

This program is very different. For real.

It addresses MUCH more than just what you should eat...and that's where the magic happens...

  • Step One: Inventory

    Weight loss can be emotional. And oftentimes so is our relationship with food. There are really two main components to losing weight:
    1) What you eat 2) What you feel. Both are equally important so our first step is to do a self-inventory, where we will discover some of the things that have kept us from being successful in the past.

  • Step Two: Mindset

    Step two is where we begin to work on your mindset and your relationship with yourself. It's the most important relationship you'll ever have, so it should also be the BEST one, don'tcha think?
    This is where I get to love on you and teach you how to appreciate the beautiful, magical extraordinary creature you already are.
    In this step you'll also get plugged into a group of like-minded mamas who will become your cheerleaders and friends, as well as being paired up with an accountability partner who will help keep you on track.

  • Step Three: Nourish

    After we improve your headspace and get you some support you'll be fully equipped to move on to the food component.
    Here you'll learn all about the Cleaneo way of eating, and begin implementing it.
    After being on every diet known to man...twice...I've landed on a way of eating that keeps me healthy and fit, while still being easy to stick to. (That's the key!)
    I've coined it 'Cleaneo' because it is basically the lovechild of the Paleo diet and clean eating.
    You. Will. Love. This.

  • Step Four: Protect

    In step four we will begin to layer on some additonal components that can have a HUGE impact on your long-term success.
    Things like self-care, supplementation, fitness, meditation/spirituality (don't worry...I won't get too weird on you), and how to improve your sleep are some of the things we will cover here.

  • Step Five: Grow

    This step offers additional resources and tools to make your healthy journey easier.
    My full-length cookbook 'Easy, Healthy Meals for the Tired-Ass Mom' is included here as well!
    It kicks ass!

  • Step Six: Thrive

    This is when we get to celebrate your success!!
    We'll also take another inventory so you can marvel at how far you've come, and we'll talk about what happens next. <3

Here is an inside look at the full program contents.

It is chock full of SO much goodness, and is truly a holistic approach to weight loss unlike any other. This is why it works.

Mama, you deserve to live your best life NOW.

Stop waiting for 'someday'.
It IS freakin' someday!

You can be that happy, self-confident girl every single day.

You just have to do it ONE last time.

I see you. I know you. I've got you. <3

I'm sure you're wondering how much it costs, right?

Well I can tell you this....it costs WAAAY less than all of the pills, shakes, bars, pre-packaged food plans, and all that other crap that we've bought in the past. And all they did was bring us to this point of frustration, confusion, and exhaustion anyway.

This is a fully comprehensive, permanent solution instead, as opposed  to something you will have to keep buying over and over.

The cost for the program is either one payment of $297, or just four monthly payments of $85 each. 

Plus, once purchased you will have lifetime access to the program. So any time it is updated or upgraded you will get that for free. 


So go on with your bad self, and let's do this thing!

Now is the perfect time before the holidays are in full swing.

Plus you'll be all set to keep on truckin' into the new year because you'll have lifetime access.



  • Julie Sanford

    Senior Instructor

    Julie Sanford

    Julie is the mother of three, ages 29, 22, and 7, and Gima (grandmom) to a six-year-old grandson.

    ​Over her almost 30 years of child-rearing she has been ALL the moms (single, married, stay-at-home, working, young, 'mature', struggling, stable, etc) and has faced every healthy eating challenge there is.

    ​Now the founder of Well Fed Families, and author of the 'Easy, Healthy Meals for the Tired-Ass Mom' cookbook, Julie uses her real-life, family-raising experience to help other overwhelmed mamas get on a healthier track.