Diets suck.

That's why I created one. Wait whut?

Losing the same 10 or 20lbs over and over again is about as useful (and entertaining) as emptying the dishwasher! YAYYYYYY *ahem*

It doesn't work. Have you noticed??

Did you know that the definition of  'Diet' is: 

"The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats."

Are you done spending hundreds of $$$ on Shakes, Meal Replacements and Carb Cycling (WTF?) every year? 

What none of these things ever tell you is that one diet works for one person, but not for another. 

That's where Cleaneo comes in - it adapts to who you are as a person. As a mother, as a woman. 

What is this wizardry?

Cleaneo is the Anti-Diet-Diet! <-- it's designed for women who nibble on their kids' food because 'it's ONE little bite'. 

Get a Plan that actually works!

Late night cravings + Being tired AF

...are just two things that 'generic' diets don't address!

This one's for the women who have portion envy, and regularly submit to the birthday-cakery at the office to avoid eye rolls when you dare say 'No'! <-- WTF is up with this food related peer-pressure? 

Wanna know more? Keep reading!

This program is your Anti-Diet-Diet! 


  • Spending $2,000 extra a year to eat 'healthy'...(done that) 
  • Eating only grapefruits for breakfast and dinner...(done that)
  • Drinking SlimFast (that's 10,000 meals I'll never get back!)
  • Swallowing 'diet' pills and/or shakes (that taste like what a week's worth of old clothing smells like) 

...JUST isn't gonna be enough! Or Fun. Or in any way gonna keep that belt and bra buckle from loosening any time soon! 

I'm Julie. I'm a mom of three, and I have been ALL the moms!

The single mom, the married mom, the stay-at-home mom, the working mom....etc, etc.

But one thing remains the same: Cravings are a B*tch! 

I mean prepping my kids' food and NOT picking at it was hard work. And three times over at that. 

My body (and that of every friend, family member and even my pets) has been my laboratory for the past 20 years as I nailed down this whole healthy eating thing into something that was do-able, effective, AND delicious!  

Get Lifetime Access

You need a permanent plan that works for YOU.

Not some diet pill/shake/potion creator's wallet that you continuously fill.

Because we'd still like to go shop at Target this month, thankyouverymuch!

Look familiar?

"... picking at the kids' food when I’m doing their dinner and getting late night munchie urges!" is what one of my Challenge members mentioned her problem was. 

We identified her exact problem, and found a way to lose the pounds without the frowns! (I'ma word genius too. HA!)

And now I want to share it with you....

  • NO lengthy lessons
  • Fast and easy meals created for you! (AND your kids and hubby will LOVE THEM) <-- I have a 7-year-old son who's in LOVE with these meals!
  • No Calorie or Macro counting because we ain't got time for that sh*t! (YAYYY)
  • NO Starving
  • NO "Replacement" meals
  • NO Fasting
  • NO "Just drink some more water and you'll be less hungry" crap! 

What's the deal with this Anti-diet Diet?

It's designed to address YOUR Body!

Not Heidi Klum's, not Kim K's, NO - YOURS! And it takes your lifestyle, food-fancies, and habits into account!

  • Step One: Inventory

    Learn why you're never gonna lose weight unless you address these TWO issues beforehand!

  • Step Two: Whatcha Thinking?

    Find out what works for YOUR body and lifestyle. And the exact steps that will get you results without feeling like you're missing out!

  • Step Three: Nourish

    I'll teach you ERRTHANG about food! The good, the bad, the ugly and the ones that make you drop your size and your pants. (I promise that's not a dirty joke ;) )

  • Step Four: Protect

    Learn about the FIVE ways you will keep the weight off with ease, even when you're busy trying to find your kid's favorite Pokemon sippy-cup! (that somehow managed to be buried in the backyard)

  • Step Five: Grow

    Find out what resources and tools you can use to support your new wardrobe, confidence, and moxie without maxing out your credit card OR wanting to raid the cookie jar!

  • Step Six: Thrive

    Planning for long-term results!
    This is exactly where you'll find out how to keep it up!

Here's a peek of what some of the lessons look like!

And there's so much more!

This Sh*t works! Every time!

I've lost my baby weight, my I'm-eating-when-I'm-bored weight, and more!

And I've helped other moms do the stay that way with ease!

I want to lose weight!

What this Anti-diet Diet isn't!

It's not a 'starve-yourself-for-10-days-and-magically-lose-weight-that-way' Diet. 

The results in this program are designed to last you a lifetime - it's not a quick fix, it's a long one!

It's also not for you if you're offended by potty language; I'm a mom, I lose my sh*t and I'm real with you!

What's it worth to you to put your skinny jeans on once again? 

A FitBit costs around $129, and that's only for the device. 

A monthly personal Weight Watchers session costs around $54/ month ($648 a year)

Not to mention any shakes or meals that they sell separately. 

My point is - instead of spending thousands a year every year, for $600 you'll get: 

  • 2 private and personal Coaching sessions with Coach, Mentor, and Mom Julie. 
  • Guided Support through uncovering some of your inner 'stuff' that has kept you stuck and unable to lose the weight once and for all (this shit ain't cheesy, it's your secret Weapon of Fat Destruction) 
  • Lifetime access to this program, AND new content as it's released!
  • A strategy that works for YOUR body and lifestyle
  • Easy, done for you, no-brainer-even-the-kids-will-love dinners!

Here's what others had to say after implementing some of the ideas in this Anti-diet Diet....

"I have noticed that I feel better and not so sluggish"

"I'm amazed at how well I feel"

"I'm feeling fuller from the healthier choices" 

"I like how you prepared a life style change mentally first....instead of saying just stop eating junk all at once. That has helped me along with other advice you had given"

"It was great for a busy mama"

Want to ditch the diets, lose weight and keep it off?

Get your hands on this program and be prepared to reward yourself with a new wardrobe (yes, even with Christmas, birthdays, and office donuts around the corner)


  • Julie Sanford

    Senior Instructor

    Julie Sanford

    Julie is the mother of three, ages 28, 21, and 6, and Gima (grandmom) to a five-year-old grandson.

    ​Over her 28 years of child-rearing she has been ALL the moms (single, married, stay-at-home, working, young, 'mature', struggling, stable, etc) and has faced every healthy eating challenge there is.

    ​Now the founder of Well Fed Families, and author of the 'Easy, Healthy Meals for the Tired-Ass Mom' cookbook, Julie uses her real-life, family-raising experience to help other overwhelmed mamas get on a healthier track.