Lose the mama weight once and for all.

And EXPLODE your confidence.

You there...with the littles at your feet...

Whatever happened to YOU?? The woman before the mom? The one who lived her best life.

Do you still feel like the master of your own body post-kids? Or do you instead feel like your #mombod and physical cravings are now mastering you?

Having trouble getting on top of taking care of yourself, because you're so busy taking care of them?

Are you filled with negative self-talk instead of confidence?

You were not created to live in a pit of shame and self-doubt.

Let's get you re-acquainted with your most confident, empowered, body-loving self, shall we? 

Ya know....I have always felt like it should be called 'mama' weight, instead of 'baby' weight, because if you're anything like me you only gained some of it with pregnancy. The rest was gained by consuming the fastest, easiest, cheapest junk food possible for months...years even...while you worked tirelessly trying to keep your littles alive and happy.

I remember how frustrating it was to experience major body changes after having kids, but being too exhausted and emotionally tapped out to change it.

Once I figured out how to actually make it do-able without feeling like a slave to it, it changed everything. 

I was able to take care of myself for a change and I felt SO much better. It truly improved so many areas in my life. I felt like me again!

So I made it my mission to help other mamas experience the same.

That's why I have spent a lot of time creating something just for the mama who desperately wants to get her body back, but struggles with it every time she tries.

What is it?

A six week mind + body program that addresses the REAL reasons you haven't been able to lose weight. This is the only program of its kind, and it's built for YOU and your #momlife.

Who is it for?

The mama who is struggling with getting rid of extra weight, is experiencing low energy, and who really needs a boost of self-confidence

What's in it for me?

  • Lose weight and keep it off (we'll do it differently than you've ever done before)
  • Increased energy (stop dragging through your days)
  • Improved mood (stop feeling so stressed out, short-tempered, and emotional)
  • HUGE boost in self confidence (stop the self-defeating talk and step into the BABE that you are!)

(Already thinking 'Heck yes, sign me up!'??

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Welcome to 'The Cleaneo Plan'

A mind + body program that will help you tap into the confident, inner babe inside of YOU

Focusing on both mind and body is the secret sauce that leads to killer success.

Here's how a B.A.B.E. is built...

 B. = Belief. The very first thing we need to do before attempting transformation in any way, shape, or form is to learn to truly BELIEVE we can do it. So that is where we start. We dig into the what's been holding us back, and keeping us stuck, and create a solid plan to move forward with confidence.

A. = Attitude. Next we work on our attitude: towards ourselves, our bodies, and our relationship with food.

B. = Body. After we we get our belief and our attitude in check, it's time to start taking care of our bodies and giving them what they need so they can look their best, and feel their best. I'll teach you my most effective (and easiest) ways to do this, even with a family to feed!

E. = Energy. And last, but certainly not least, we crank up our energy. Not just our physical energy, but our emotional and spiritual energies as well, which sets us up for success long-term.

Basically, we get you comfortable in your own skin, while we make healthy changes. 

But we don't stop there. 

It was also super important to me that this plan would work for mamas in particular.

More about that in a minute...

Being a mama can be tough on our self-esteem

So this is different.
Because we overcome your self-sabotaging mindset blocks first, and then we can release the confident, inner B.A.B.E. inside of YOU...for good

I did the whole mainstream 'weight loss/diet' thing for YEARS. And couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.

Little did I know that my mindset, patterns, habits, and beliefs about food AND myself all needed a full reset before I could ever expect my body to change long-term.

Once I started working on those things it made all the difference in the world

Here's how it works: 

1) You get your mind right 

2) You eat real food in real quantities

3) Your body starts to change along with your mindset, and a B.A.B.E. is born!

It works because it's a long-term solution that lays some super important groundwork first, and then adapts to who you are as a person, a mother, and a woman. 

How? Keep reading....

Need this in your life?

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Cravings + Momming + Being tired AF

are things that one-size-fits-all 'diets' and diet products just don't address.

So instead, this one's for the moms who have portion envy, regularly succumb to the rest of their kids' barely-touched mac and cheese), and feel like a healthy lifestyle ends up being just another chore on their to-do list.

I was that mom!

I'm Julie. Mom of three. 

I'm 48 years old, and have been ALL the moms at this point of my life (single, married, working, stay-at-home, you name it).

One thing I know for sure is that moms have their own special set of challenges when trying to do anything for themselves, so this plan is 100% mom-friendly, while still taking care of YOU and your needs as well.

Ready to join me?

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Designed to address a mom's body, and a mom's lifestyle.

First, we lay the groundwork, then we eat the things.
(The REAL things....in REAL quantities)

  • Step One: Inventory

    Learn why you're never gonna lose weight unless you address these issues beforehand!

  • Step Two: Mindset

    Find out what works for YOUR body and lifestyle. And the exact steps that will get you results without feeling like you're missing out!

  • Step Three: Nourish

    Here's where I'll teach you ERRTHANG about the right food! What to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, and how to LOVE every minute of it!

  • Step Four: Protect

    Learn about the FIVE things that can help you lose faster, plus keep the weight off with ease.

  • Step Five: Grow

    Discover a bunch of awesome resources and tools that you can use to support your new-found confidence and moxie, instead of reverting back to raiding the cookie jar!

  • Step Six: Thrive

    Planning for long-term results!
    In this step you'll find out where you can go from here as you continue towards your goals!

Proverbs 3:15-18 “She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her; those who hold her fast will be blessed.”

Here's what other mamas had to say after implementing some of the ideas in The Cleaneo Plan....

"I have noticed that I feel better and not so sluggish"

"I like how you prepared a life style change mentally first....instead of saying just stop eating junk all at once. That has helped me along with other advice you had given"

"It was great for a busy mama"

"I've had this cloud of doom over my head, convinced that I'd never find a plan that I could make work for me and my family....I went to the course and started the 'Nourish' module and almost started crying! This is literally an answer to prayer!"

"I'm amazed at how well I feel"

"THANK YOU for creating the program!"

Can't wait to hear what YOU'LL have to say. <3

Still not sure this is for you? Have some questions?

I've got you covered...

  • How long is the program?

    The program is meant to be six weeks in total, although you can complete it a bit quicker than that if you spend more time per day reviewing the material.

  • How much time does it take to do review the materials?

    You should be able to review the material in less than 15 minutes each day, unless you decide to work more quickly.

  • What types of materials are there?

    The program includes written lessons, videos, worksheets, and activities for you to do. Everything is very straight-forward and easy to follow.

  • What all does the program cover?

    Quite a bit. You can check out the section above to see a bit of a breakdown. But if I had to summarize it I would say that it focuses on mindset work to build your confidence, and then body changes through food (and some other tools) to change your body.

  • What types of foods will I be eating?

    The eating plan portion of the program consists of real, whole food ingredients (mostly gluten free) with the occasional convenience food thrown in to save time. Meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes, some grains, and some dairy make up the bulk of the diet.

  • Do I have to buy anything additional?

    Aside from food, no. Although I do make some additional recommendations of things you can add if you choose. None of them are required to meet with success though.

  • I eat gluten free/dairy free/vegan/vegetarian. Will this work for me?

    The recommended foods are already largely gluten free, and you could eliminate dairy if you choose. If your vegetarian diet relies heavily on grain products then you might have some difficulty with the recommended eating plan.

Ready to roll? Let's go.

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  • Julie Sanford

    Senior Instructor

    Julie Sanford

    Julie is the mother of three, ages 29, 22, and 7, and Gima (grandmom) to a six-year-old grandson.

    ​Over her almost 30 years of child-rearing she has been ALL the moms (single, married, stay-at-home, working, young, 'mature', struggling, stable, etc) and has faced every healthy eating challenge there is.

    ​Now the founder of Well Fed Families, and author of the 'Easy, Healthy Meals for the Tired-Ass Mom' cookbook, Julie uses her real-life, family-raising experience to help other overwhelmed mamas get on a healthier track.